How to change your TM Streamyx Wifi SSID and Password

How to change your TM Streamyx Wifi SSID and Password

Step 1: Identify your Streamyx Modem

This is important as different ADSL modem use different login IP address. This guide is for TM Streamyx customer who use TM supplied Innacomm W7100N ADSL modem as pictured below:

w7100n photo W7100N_zpsf29254f1.jpg

Step 2: Connecting to the ADSL modem

If you forgot your password, then you need to have network cable. Connect network cable from your PC/laptop to the back of the ADSL modem. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Firefox) and type: and you will see below page:

strimix1 photo streamyx1_zps88141a5f.jpg

To login to the modem, you need to look at the back of your modem and search for MAC ID. The login/username is tmadmin and password is Adm@#### where # is your last 4 digit of the MAC ID.
For example, if your MAC ID is: FC8B871E8D23, so your password would be Adm@8D23 (case sensitive).

streamyx4 photo innacomm_back_4_zps85a1b151.jpg

Step 3: Changing the Wifi SSID and Password:

You will see below page once you successfully enter the modem page:

strimix2 photo streamyx2_zps71242eef.jpg

Go to “Quick Setup” at the top of the page and it will open below page:

strimix3 photo streamyx3_zps99e2959f.jpg

In this page you can finally change your Wifi SSID and password. 
1) Your Wifi SSID (example “My Home Wifi”) 
2) your Wifi password (make sure you write it down somewhere in case you forgot it!) 
3) Click “Apply Changes” after you finish. DONE!


  • Faizul606 | Jul 27,2016

    Kalau nak tukar password macam mana? pergi dekat interface ke?

    • admin | Aug 31,2018

      Hi! Please go to Quick Setup page and from there you can change the password.

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