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How to change your TM Unifi Wifi SSID and Password

Step 1: Identify your Wifi Router/Access Point (AP).

This is important as different wireless router use different login IP address. This guide is for TM-Unifi customer who use TM supplied Innatech RG4332 wireless router as pictured below:

Innatech RG4332 photo RG4332_zps781bef54.jpg

Step 2: Connecting to the wireless router

If you forgot your password, then you need to have network cable. Connect network cable from your PC/laptop to the back of the wireless router. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Firefox) and type: and you will see below page:

Step 1 photo unifi_1_zps410468fa.jpg

Default username and password:
Username: admin
Password: <just leave this blank>

Step 2 photo unifi_2_zps09b16061.jpg

Step 3: Changing the Wifi SSID and Password:

You will see below page once you successfully enter the wireless router page:

Step 3 photo unifi_3_zps3ca329ed.jpg

Go to “Wireless” tab at the top of the page:

Step 4 photo unifi_4_zpsb8e5bfaa.jpg

Go to “SSID” at the left of the page and it will bring you to below page and click edit:

Step 5 photo unifi_5_zps7daa668e.jpg

In this page you can finally change your Wifi SSID and password. 1) Your Wifi SSID (example “My Home Wifi”) 2) your Wifi password (make sure you write it down somewhere in case you forgot it!) 3) Click “Submit” after you finish. DONE!

Step 6 photo unifi_6_zps669c8f5c.jpg